Wealth Distribution

Upon retirement, death or disability, many business owners would distribute shareholding rights to family, other shareholders, or outsiders would be a complicated process that involves many different legal documentations. A properly planned distribution process would smoothen the transitional period.

Business Value Protection Trust

Every business has its intrinsic value. Preserving and protecting the value is of main concern to the founder or owner who have built it through hard works and great efforts. Upon the demise of your other shareholders, you need to have a pre-planned Business Value Protection Trust in place.

Charity Trust Foundation

Your company could make a great impact on the needy community by setting up a Charitable Trust Foundation. Distributing your wealth through this method would allow a sustainable good deed which could be a font memory of your great contribution. If you are interested in understanding more about setting up this Foundation under your company, kindly email us to

Exit Strategies

When you feel like exiting from business due to whatsoever reasons, you may choose from the Exit Strategies such as Merger & Acquisition, Liquidation, going for IPO (Initial Public Offering), Management Buy-Out etc. These are some ways that might bring you peace of mind upon exiting the business. We will work through the process to identify your needs, goals and strategies, and put your plans into action. You may email us to to discuss which is the best option for you.