Wealth Protection

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a very effective tool to be used in Business Planning. The CREATION effect that is irreplaceable by any other Financial Vehicles is useful for many different business purposes. This is an asset GUARANTEED & IMMEDIATELY CREATED with the MINIMUM COST. Learn more in subsequent sessions.

Key Person Protection Plan

Key Person (including Business Owner) is normally a great asset to a company. The sudden departure or disability of a Key Person might lead to a collapse or disaster of company. The relationship & trust built with Customers, Suppliers, Bankers, and Employees are ensuring the well-being of the company. Key Person Insurance is an immediate creation for a replacement of the Key Person.

Liability Cancellation Program

When business owners sign up for Bank Loans or Facilities, they are required to sign for a Personal Guarantee to pledge their Own Assets to the liability of the loans. When a company is shorthanded with the demise of business owners or directors, a Big Lump Sum of Insurance Proceed will be pumped in to the company to rescue the cash flow and working capital.

Business Buy-Sell Arrangement

How would you deal with the SHARES of a deceased shareholder? Buy up? Sell to third party? Continued by deceased’s family? The issues are: sell to who? at what price? where to get the money from? We have a perfect solution which allows a Win-Win arrangement for all the Shareholders.

Asset Protection Trust

When a business is at risk, the business owners will also be in trouble for what he/she had signed as Personal Guarantor. Asset Protection Trust is a good way to preserve and protect his/her assets for family members and own retirement. Talk to us in more details about how this APT could help you in preserving your wealth.

Wealth Protection

General Insurance

Insurance Concept has been evolving from about 2300 years ago. Since then, human has not found any other more effective tool to replace it. General Insurance basically covers types of insurance that is not covered by Life Insurance.

Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance is a very straight forward product. However, the conditions within are really complicated and confusing. It always pack with Burglary Insurance, Public Liability Insurance etc. Email us at to review your current Fire Insurance. You may be able to save some money for your company.

Product Liability Insurance

Most companies purchase this insurance upon request by their customers. Some are for product confidence and acceptance by market. It covers Bodily Injury and Third Party Property Damage liability. Upon confirmation by the court, compensation is paid. Some common reasons for claims are defective design, functionality of products, assembly problems or even inappropriate labelling. Email us to get a quote at

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance will pay compensation to Insured should there be any payment default from the customers on Credit Sales. This is a very unique policy to restore the financial well-being of Insured when its major customer gone bankrupt or when the country is at war. Transferring this high risk exposure to Insurance Company is definitely a good way to mitigate the risk and protect the company.

Clinical Trial Liability Insurance

Before a medicine or medical device is being launched into the mass market, it will run through a series of Clinical Trial or Research. Should there be any mistakes or issues happens that lead to the injury of the Research Subject, insurance company will make compensation to the patient.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

What is your profession? Think carefully or observe within your same industry, you might be at risk of being claimed for any negligence in your work that you do in the Past, Present or Future. Talk to use at 04-508 2877 or email to use at to understand a wide range of professional indemnities that we can offer.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Hospitals are exposed to a wide range of liability. Staffs who are involved in nursing, assistance, drivers, cleaners, dispensaries, from Top to Bottom, would have the risk of negligence or misconduct. The consequences would be serious and causing a legal action against the hospital. Let’s check out what we have to offer to protect your name and cash flow.

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