Wealth Accumulation

Time waits for no one. Start accumulating wealth with proper investment planning. Balanced asset allocation in the right portfolio would lead you to your financial dreams. Let’s chart your financial map together with our team partners and we will guide you through step-by-step in achieving your destination.

Retirement Planning

Begin the end in mind is an ultimate approach in your Retirement Planning or in another word, Financial Freedom. A person needs to set a target in mind about WHEN to achieve, HOW MUCH to achieve, and HOW to achieve it. Upon achieving your Financial Freedom, you may choose to continue doing things you like to do without worrying about financial matters.

Children Education Planning

There is a Chinese wise saying: “One can’t neglect EDUCATION no matter how poor he/she is”. Responsible parents would have planned much earlier ahead the Education Fund for their children. It is not a matter of whether you have a bright child. It is something that we, as parents, must do our part for their brighter future. Come discuss with us to calculate how much is needed and how to achieve adequate education fund for your loved ones.

Investment Planning

Ask anyone on the street, why do you INVEST? To earn more. How much more? A lot more than now. How much risk are you willing to take to earn that a lot more? Most of them will keep quiet. Investing without understanding what you invest is a like gambling your luck away. We have strategies to assist you in proper investing without exposing to high risk, but expect a good positive return.

Unit Trust & Share Investment

Unit Trust & Share Investment are so near, yet so far. They are two different kind of investment tools but always be grouped under the same category. These two types of investments requires different types of strategies in order to optimise your return. We suggest you to start talking to us to understand more, then you may start investing. Knowledge in use is power!

Oversea Share Investment

Oversea investment is a very important tool to diversity our exposure to local market and currency. However, the risk involved in cross country is double or triple more than domestic investment. We have extension of funds to oversea that could help you achieving your diversification of portfolio. Join us in our regular investment talk should you require further information.