Wealth Management

Managing Wealth is like managing a football team. You need good strikers, mid-fielders, and defenders. Strikers gain more income and grow wealth, mid-fielders take opportunities, defenders preserve and protect your wealth. Being a Wealth Manager, you take charge of your wealth and bring the whole team to victory.

Cash Flow Management

Cash in and cash out! All individuals do this same old action every day and every month. Some do it well, yet others under-doing, or over-doing it! Even though it is a simple mathematical equation, many people do it wrong! When this Cash Flow is upside down, all our Financial Health will be in trouble. Meet up with us to improve your Cash Flow, you will discover something that you have not discovered before.

Net Worth Analysis

Net Worth is simply Assets minus Liability. This is an analysis to measure your “wealth being” at this juncture of time. This is to determine if you could achieve your Financial Freedom. According to the book “The Millionaire Next Door”, take 1/10 of your age, multiply with Annual Income, you should have at least this amount of Net Worth. Use this as a quick benchmark to check your wealth on monthly basis, at least.

Loan Reducing Strategies

ou can’t work out a good restructuring strategy of your debt without understanding different types of loan. There are Personal Loan, Study Loan, Credit Card Loan, Mortgage Loan or Hire Purchase. There are different ways of calculating interest rate according either to Nominal Rate or Effective Rate. Come join our Financial Calculator Workshop to understand better, and then you may DIY (do it yourself) a proper Debt Restructuring Plan.