Wealth Protection

Life Insurance

Many people have INSURANCE, but not ASSURANCE! In this modern living, Life insurance is no longer a luxury, it is a necessary! How much insurance you REALLY need? We will work through a process to identify your needs, goals and strategy, and put your plans into action with proper recommendations. Call us for enquiry and you will feel worth discussing with us!

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Income Protection Planning

How many more years do you plan to work for income? 20 years? 30 years? Should there be any life threatening sickness or disability which must end up lying on bed for a very long time. How long would your boss keep your position for you? 6 months? 1 year or 3 years? Do you really think your boss will continue to pay you income and keep your position for you? Worse still if this is your own business! Who is going to deal with your customers, suppliers, bankers, employees, finance, production, etc? Let’s sit down with us to calculate how much you REALLY need! Call us at 04-508 2877 or email us at

Mortgage Insurance

What is your biggest asset? or some call it LIABILITY? Happily owning a property will also link with additional loan liability. Who is going to pay for the monthly bank instalment when we no longer able to pay due to pre-matured death, disability or serious illness? There are two types of Mortgage Insurance i.e. MRTA & MLTA. What are they and which is more suitable to you? Let’s talk about it and we will show you the wonder of utilising Mortgage Insurance for your great benefits. Call our team at 04-508 2877 or email us at

Family Protection Planning

You bring back income to your family & loved ones every month. Imagine, when this income stops, how are they dealing with their living expenses, home & car loan instalments, education and medical expenses etc? Planning for your family income protection is of vital importance. Let’s sit down with us to calculate how much you REALLY need! Call us at 04-508 2877 or email us at

Disciplined & Automated Saving

What is in between Income & Expenses? You are right! Either its “Saving” (when Income > Expenses) or “Debt” (Income < Expenses). Regardless of how rich you are, SAVING requires DISCIPLINE! Not only we must be discipline, we require a SYSTEM to AUTOMATICALLY help us transferring our income into SAVINGS. Need some tips for Disciplined & Automated Saving? Contact us now at 04-508 2877 or email us at:

Critical Illness & Medical Planning

Many people are wondering what’s the difference between Medical Insurance (MI) and Critical Illness (CI) Insurance. In simple terms, MI pays to Hospitals, & CI pays to policyholders. There is now a new type of CI which insurers pay out even at the Early or Intermediate stages. Whereas for MI, there is now coverage till the age of 99 years old. This is surprisingly low in premium but with the extension of the age from 80 to 99, customers no more worry about skyrocketing medical expenses during final few years.

Wealth Protection

General Insurance

Personal General Insurance covers for your needs other than Life Insurance. This includes Travel Insurance, Home Owners and House Holders (Fire Insurance), Personal Accident etc. These policies are very affordable premium with comprehensive coverage.

Travel Insurance

Travelling abroad is a happy experience for most people. You planned for your trip since few months ago and eagerly waiting for the days. Do you know that you can start purchasing your Travel Insurance immediately upon confirmation of your trip. You may take up YEARLY Coverage (if you travel more than 3 times in a year), or PER-TRIP Coverage. Then you will be covered for any flight delay, cancellation of trip due to unavoidable issues. During the journey, you need a world-wide insurance network to assist you whenever there is any troubles at oversea. Ask us about your travelling needs, we will send our team to assist you!

Personal Accident

Coverage for Personal Accident is simple. It only covers bodily injury caused by ACCIDENT! Do not expect to claim if admitted to hospital due to sickness. Life is full of uncertainties, the ability to mitigate the losses due to risk in accident is very important. Take up this kind of PA insurance to transfer the losses due to accident really makes economical and financial sense. We have different kinds of PA for your kind selection. Call us for more information at 04-508 2877 or email us at

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